Why Marketing is Important for Business

How will your product survive in this breathtaking competition?

Have you ever went to vegetable market? The one shouts louder with praising his products will get an edge over the one who is silent.

It suggests that you have to highlight your product’s features in a smart way to get growth in business.

Growth with Marketing

Give a strong reason to customers to choose your product. For these Marketing is Essential. It will not only increase sells the product but also built up good relations and trust with customers.

If you are offering good deals at a lesser cost, highlight it. It will definitely boost your sales and will fetch you good market share.

If you don’t do marketing of your own products then someone else will steal your ideas and do marketing sale as their own products.

I would like to share my personal experience here, During my graduation, I have Invented one project and presented it project competition without any brand name and without having a patent on it. As I presented it without any brand name, someone stole my idea and made the same product and started selling by his brand. So, be aware of this thing. you must have a brand name and you must do marketing of your own product!

Therefore, Marketing is the key to the growth in business.


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